SmartScope ZIP Lite 300


-Value for Money



Cost-effective way of automatic measurement
with advanced motorized zoom optics



SmartScope ZIP Lite 300 is similar to the benchtop SmartScope ZIP Lite 250, but with expanded XYZ measurement volume of 300x300x150 mm. It, too, features joystick controlled precision mechanical bearing motorized stages and 0.5 µm linear scales mounted to a granite base and column, providing metrological stability and measurement precision. Its patented AccuCentric 7:1 motorized zoom lens auto-calibrates itself with every magnification change, over the life of the measurement system. The zoom lens keeps images in focus and on-axis throughout its zoom range, and a variety of optional lens attachments and adapter tubes expand the magnification range, for additional value and versatility. LED coaxial and profile illumination combine with the patented white-LED SmartRing programmable ring light to provide lighting for varying measurement conditions. SmartScope ZIP Lite 300 also provides multisensor touch probe or DRS™ laser support.

SmartScope ZIP Lite 300 is equipped with MeasureMind 3D MultiSensor metrology software, providing full 3D measurement capability and advanced measurement algorithms. Measure-X is optional, in lieu of MeasureMind 3D.

Every SmartScope ZIP Lite 300 is multisensor capable.

Add multisensor flexibility at any time with touch probe or laser options.


SmartScope ZIP 250




All ZIP models excel at video measurement
and multisensor versatility for highest


SmartScope ZIP 250 sets a high standard in benchtop metrology. This durable system features fast stage speed for maximum throughput and short cycle times, without sacrificing accuracy. A heavy duty cast base with Y-axis center drive assures metrological stability.

Like all ZIP systems, SmartScope ZIP 250 is equipped with MeasureMind 3D MultiSensor metrology software and 5:1 AccuCentric zoom optics. It is ideal for a wide variety of manufacturing industries and locations.

Every SmartScope ZIP 250 is multisensor capable. (SmartScope ZIP 250 multisensor)

Just add laser, touch probe, or micro-probing sensors and you’ll measure your most complicated parts in a single setup.


SmartScope Flash CNC 200


XYZ Stage Travel: 200 x 200 x 150 mm

Area Accuracy: (2.0 + 6L/1000) µm

Z Accuracy: up to (1.4 + 6L/1000) µm






SmartScope Flash CNC 200 – the smallest member of the Flash family of systems – is a full-featured automatic measurement system. Innovative design features of “elevating bridge” and an embedded computer mean the system takes up little space on a benchtop while providing an ample 8″x8″x6″ measuring range and extensive measurement capabilities.

SmartScope Flash CNC 200 has patented innovations that let you do more, and do it faster. The computer controlled LED array backlight tracks X-axis motion of the optics with no moving parts. SmartRing ™ light is standard for the ultimate flexibility in surface illumination.

Do even more! Every SmartScope Flash CNC 200 is multisensor capable.

SmartScope Flash CNC 200 is a great video measuring machine. Add touch probe, laser and micro-probes and it’s a full-fledged multisensor measurement system. SmartScope Flash CNC 200 – a compact, automatic measurement value.

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SmartScope Flash CNC 300


-High Capacity


A unique high capacity
benchtop multisensor
measurement system


A distinctive highly efficient benchtop multi sensor measuring equipment SmartScope Flash CNC 300 proved to be the most unique benchtop systems offered by OGP. Along with the extensive Z-axis measuring to be 250 mm for carrying large attachments, it also provides the combination of state-of-the art video and focuses automatically giving high efficiency. It adds preferred (TTL) through-the-lens laser, multi type probes i.e. touch & micro, to configure advanced multi sensor equipment.

Features include:

  • Unmatchable “elevating bridge” designed structure fits into the area of as less than as 0.6 cubic meters easily. Vertically straight built structure ensures the severe volumetric configuration.
  • High-quality automatic calibrated AccuCentric 12x zoom lens delivers the amazing optical functioning than any other system of its category.
  • The TTL coaxial lightening and inbuilt LED SmartRing light comes as a standard features.